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            Company News
            “A million EV” Strategic Co-operation Agreement signed by PULEAD, BAIC, ND-ATL and PRIDE

                    In order to create a new-energy vehicle industrial chain and play a competitive advantage, the delegates of BAIC, ND-ATL, PULEAD and PRIDE have called a strategic fair meeting and signed the strategic co-operation agreement in R&D base of BAIC on Dec. 15th, 2017.

             Xu Heyi and Jiang Zili, the chairman and the vice general manager of BAIC; Zeng Yuqun and Liu Changyan, the chairman and sales general manager of ND-ATL; Gao Li and Sui Zhonghai, chairman and vice chairman of PULEAD; Yang Yali, board secretary of OPCO; Yuan Chengyin, vice general manager of BAIC BJEV; Yang Huai, Zhang Renbai and Pan Xihong, vice chairmen of PRIDE; Zhang Yongwei, chief expert & secretary-general of CHINA EV100; and other relevant directors of each company attended the meeting.

             Xu Heyi, the chairman of BAIC, indicated thanks to continuous support from attended enterprises for the development of new-energy industry of BAIC. He clearly pointed out this meeting is coincided with the opportunity which transforms from the annual summary of 2017 to the strategic deployment of 2018.Just under the adjustment of new-energy subsidy policy, this strategic co-operation is great significant. He expressed the development of any industry will never be smooth. The enterprises will grow together when the industry is developing rapidly. But when there is a challenge, the enterprises shall hold hands and torrent bravely to lead the development of industry.

               Zeng Yuqun, the chairman  of ND-ATL, indicated the enterprises in the industrial chain developed rapidly in recent years under the leadership of BAIC. In the future, the enterprises will continuously strengthen unity to meet new challenges for creating a win-win result by innovation co-operation of all.

            The participants made an in-depth exchange and came to the following agreement on collaboration of new-energy vehicle industrial chain.

                1.Each party adheres to the principal of “driving technical progress of each partner by rapid increasing of volume”   to  fully support the completion of production and sales target of BAIC on “a million new-energy EV” since 2018 to 2022.

                2.BAIC gives priority to select PRIDE to work as battery supplier and co-operate with PRIDE to develop battery industry; and BAIC has clarified the purchasing proportion of power battery for PRIDE from designated projects.

                3.Each partner gives the most competitive and the most favorable purchasing price to each other to support the business development of BAIC for forming collaboration of industrial chain and to realize cost advantage after industrial chain integration.

                4.Each partner enhances the co-operation of power battery science and technology program to promote the technologic progress and core competitiveness of each party by joint development or experiment, etc..

                     PULEAD, BAIC, ND-ATL and PRIDE signed the strategic co-operation agreement according to the above consensus. After each party establishes the strategic cooperative partnership, they will give full play of the advantages to complete the industrial chain of new-energy vehicle power battery and build a win-win business.


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